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When you get a fee proposal from an architect, it’s natural to ask yourself if it is really going to be worth the money. There is a voice in the back of your head saying, “hey, you could just sketch something on a napkin, give it to a guy, and ‘Bob’s your uncle'”

However, Bob is not my uncle and when Annabel taught us about gabled roofs in front, shed roofs in back I figured she had earned her fee. (Yes I will tell you exactly how much we paid her).

To make clear my point, here is a sketch I sent to her on July 1st, 2011 as a concept. Notice the gabled roofs all over the back of the house!

I drew this sketch in June, 2011, before Annabel set me straight.

I drew this sketch in June, 2011, before Annabel set me straight.

You can see how I imagined we might add to the side of the house a “new extension”. The roof would have to be peaked, I thought. It would look ugly but it would get the job done.

Also in this sketch, I imagined a gabled dormer on the top floor that would give the kids a bathroom upstairs and maybe a playroom, too. We had started to dream bigger and explore a concept of the house that would allow us to live comfortably here forever.

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