Aug 272014

I found a used “High Efficiency” clothes washing machine on craigslist. It uses less water, less energy and less detergent. It also cost less than a new one.

You can get the appliance manual online and read reviews.

You can get the appliance manual online and read reviews.

It has a window and for a while the kids were excited about watching the clothes go around.

It turns out that one of the biggest reasons this appliance saves energy is that it spins faster. It spins more water out of our clothes so the clothes dryer doesn’t have so much drying to do.

So what I learned is that drying takes more energy than washing.

It’s a good thing we have a Solar Clothes Dryer which came with the house!

Late afternoon clothes dryin' action!

Late afternoon clothes dryin’ action!

Some call it a clothesline, but I’m trying to sex it up for a new generation. (Is it working?)

I don’t wait for a good, sunny day anymore. As long as it isn’t raining (or snowing) the clothes will dry.

I am also willing to hang out clothes in the afternoon when I know they may not fully dry. As long as I have saved the dryer a little work, I have saved energy.

I’m getting good at it. It doesn’t take much time.


I’ve been washing the fleas out of everything for a few days


I’m waiting for that hook to come out of the wood–it takes a lot of weight–but so far so good

Four generations of clothes pegs

Four generations of clothes pegs

There were a lot of clothes pegs here when we moved in but the tenants didn’t seem to be using the clothes line. I think we bought some more and now we have far more than we need.

Clothes pegs are one of those things that last forever and, in spite of the consumer directive that was drilled into me by television commercials when I was young to BUY BUY BUY, there is no reason not to keep using the 80 year-old wood ones.

If it's a hot day, you can save space on your line by putting small things on top of big things

If it’s a hot day, you can save space on your line by putting small things on top of big things

There's nothing cuter than kids' clothes hanging out to dry.

There’s  nothing cuter than kids’ clothes hanging out to dry.

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