Jul 202014

I can’t find the sketch I made for the upstairs dormer. You may recall I had the idea of matching the front gabled dormer which forms the roof of the front porch with a rear gabled dormer. Annabel pointed out that Craftsman-style cottages had a clear front and back and, in this case, gables at the front, shed roofs at the back.

The purpose of this dormer is to give us a simple bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower for the two bedrooms upstairs as well as a smaller room we can use as a guest bedroom and a playroom.

Sorry, Dave the Father-in-Law, an extra bedroom does not necessitate a third child.

My plan was very awkward. Check out Annabel’s elegant solution:

With an upstairs bathroom, suddenly the teenage years don't look so scary.

With an upstairs bathroom, suddenly the teenage years don’t look so scary.

Simple bathroom and three windows facing east. The guest room is big enough for a queen-sized sofa bed. You have to go through the guest room to get to the bathroom, but we’re all friends, right?

The ceilings of both kids rooms are raised at the dormer section. The landing at the top of the stairs is expanded enough for a linen closet. The kids closets are a reasonable size and Annabel suggested some fun ideas with built-in drawers taking advantage of the attic spaces.

Leanne has a fun idea of adding a secret door into the back of the kids’ closets.

Here is the side elevations: as-built and as-planned.

As-built upstairs section



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