Jun 102015

We are now at the building permit stage of the renovation and retrofit of our the Whitehead residence in Hammond and come mid-July the house will be on stilts with the foundation ripped out.

I have always liked the idea of giving free tours of the ‘before’ house (heritage, sustainability and community focussed) and suddenly the time is now.

Here is an invitation to the public tour dates: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/hammond-forever-house-tour-tickets-17199115016

Specifically, on Saturday June 13th and Saturday, June 27th there will be three small group tours plus an open house. The groups will be 12 people max and 45 minutes long starting at 10am, 11am and 1pm. The open house will be from 2-4pm. Refreshments will be served.

The purpose of the tours is to give people a concrete story to relate to when thinking about sustainability. They may come away with some ideas, but if not, at least they will have fun poking around inside a nice old house!

Please share our invitation with the world!

So far the tours are pretty popular. Someone asked on facebook where they could see some photos, so here is a taste of historical photos of the house and its inhabitants.


Carl and Anna Whitehead with their first child, Jimmy. You can find Jimmy’s initials carved in the side of the house and his BB gun pellets embedded in the garage. Leanne’s Mom Julia wasn’t born yet. The rose bushes behind them are still there.

Anna Whitehead

Leanne’s grandmother Anna Whitehead by the rhododendron that is still there.

Julie & Tippy

Leanne’s Mom Julie and her dog Tippy she loved so much. September 1950 in Hammond.

Hammond House & ?

We’re not sure who this is standing in front of the house. That is one of several cherry trees that ringed the property. Only one is still standing but it gives good cherries. Leanne and I planted new cherry trees on either side of the gate–one for each of our children.

Whitehead Family2_1

The Whitehead Family: Anna, Julia, Carl and Jimmy. Thanks for building such a beautiful house!


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