Apr 172015

When your contractor shows up at your house with an excavator and starts digging holes and then suggests we clean out the basement ASAP, you know he means it.


To do list:  Clean out the basement.  I’ll bring over nickel bros, we will figure out where the cribbing needs to go and mark the floor.  So when we are ready to go all the prep work is done.

Apparently Nickel Bros., the house lifters everyone agrees are the best (and when you’re lifting you house, you want the best, don’t you?) tend to get busy, so we want to book them early. To do that, Daryl and Chuck from Ridgewater need to meet them in our basement and decide how the lifting is going to be done. They’ll mark out where the supports will go and stuff.

They can’t do that with all our crap in there.

I’m sure many of you will say you have a lot of crap in your house, too. Well here’s what we started with. I took this 1 minute video on July 10th, 2014.

Everything has to go–including the oil furnace and oil tank and ducting. (Interested?)

Chuck said he hopes to meet with Nickel Bros. around April 22 or 23.

That’s next week YIKES!

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