Jul 052014

I’ve already had four days of summer and little to show for it.

The kids are home.

The class I teach will not resume until September.

It is time to get the house in order.

The kitchen is a mess, the lawn is long, the office is so full of crap you can barely find two places to put your foot down to dig for that thing you cleverly filed away in the pile of crap so that you wouldn’t lose it. On top of that the basement has somehow filled up with stuff that we never use but is perfectly good.

Most importantly, of course, is the story I am telling to you, Dear Reader. I have barely scratched the surface of how far we have come with our renovation and retrofit. I am itching to get into the details of Home Energy grants, Energy Modelling, the Community Retrofit Project and cute photos of our cats, but first I must go back to 2011.

It was a giddy time when I sincerely believed that shovels were about to hit the dirt at any moment.Important stuff


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