Aug 182014

This line drawing was done by one of the tenants, D. Sharpe, in 1987. She was one of the tenants who lived in the house between the time when Leanne’s parents moved to Webster’s Corners (east Maple Ridge) into the house they built there and 2006, when Leanne and I moved here with our baby daughter.

Hammond Forever House and the Little Yellow House were rented out between about 1974 to 2006. In that time, my in-laws maintained them carefully, but did not, thankfully, update the interiors much. SOS Page 6

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  1. […] a Solar Cone Failure looks like. We purchased a solar cone about two years ago for our tenants in the Little Yellow House to help them reduce their waste (what good landlords!). Predictably, during that time, they filled […]

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