Mar 242015

Holy moly, what a warm winter! That sure made it easier to live without central heating!

One of our local free biweekly newspapers asked an informal opinion poll this week:

Is our early spring this year proof that global warming is really happening?

Notice how the question here assumes there is some question that the planet is warming.

Notice also that three of the available responses are for people who don’t think the climate is changing.

And finally see how, of the two that accept climate change, one of them also accepts the idea that looking out your window is a rational way of determining global climate trends.

This is the kind of poll that John Oliver speaks about in his segment for Last Week Tonight. The only information we get from it is how many people are wrong about a fact. You may as well have a poll about which number is bigger, 15 or 50, he points out, or “do owls exist”.

He says it better than I do of course, so here you go, without permission but with love:

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