May 112016

DSC03436I’m getting ready to wall in the basement and I’ve discovered a 1.5 inch space that will take a little more insulation. I’m always looking for another way to get more insulation in those walls, so I have been looking around for a product to fit in there.

I’m already putting in 2″ of EPS white styrofoam and some Roxul rock-wool batts. The great thing about Roxul is that it won’t burn, it has good insulation value and it’s easy to work with–not nearly as itchy as fiberglass. It’s also pretty cheap.

That’s why I was happy to find a new product at Home Depot that will fit that 1.5″ space. It’s called Roxul Comfort Board and it’s a more rigid than the batts so I can fit it snug into the space I’ve got to fill.

Here’s a nice detailed blog post about it:

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