Jul 222014

I just came across the wishlist we made before we started talking to contractors and architects or the District of Maple Ridge. I have not edited it. Does it make any sense?

Once again, here is the Northeast corner of the house as it is now

Once again, here is the Northeast corner of the house as it is now

Bathroom Reno wishlist–June 2011

  • more space
  • more height
  • deep tub in NE corner along east wall under the window OR…with heater to maintain water temperature and jets to circulate it
  • shower pad next to the tub on the north wall—pebble tiles?
  • same toilet in same location
  • move the north wall to be flush with the rest of the north exterior wall
  • eliminate the linen cupboard.
  • rebuild the bedroom cupboard walls (NW corner of bathroom)

o   push the North closet wall approx. 9” north to line up with the shower

  • vanity and sink on West wall close to present location

o   same sink mounted on ‘antique’

  • a tall linen cupboard on the West wall between the vanity and new closet wall
  • tile or slate floor with radiant heating
  • new subfloor
  • drywall stripped off and water damage repaired if necessary
  • ceiling raised as much as possible in a slope
  • fan for ventilation
  • grey water system to feed toilet from a rain barrel at the corner of the house
  • new basement door
  • height issues in the basement improved by new drain pipe configuration

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