Jan 062014

You know when your kids write on the wall? Isn’t it awesome?

Hoo-boy this bathroom has a lot of issues–foundation, ants, rotting wood, probably mold–and it’s the only one in the house! We put a lot of work into the other rooms when we first moved in so we could, you know, live here, but the bathroom was too big a job. It had to wait. It’s still waiting.

This is the bathroom as it is. Pushing the north wall out to line up with the rest of the house was all we wanted to do when we started this journey.

In 2011 my daughter was 5. There was bathroom wallpaper starting to peel and she started to peel it off. At first I asked her not to, but then I realized we were going to be ripping the walls apart anyway, so I told her to go nuts.

Under the wallpaper was a really nice drawing surface. I figured it was a small area of wall, so why not let the kids enjoy it. After all, we were going to renovate in the next few months, weren’t we?

We graduated from a small area to a whole wall.


A lot of love began pouring out onto the wall. (I’ve digitally smudged out some of the names.)

Last summer the whole family was in MacBeth. The daughter wrote their lines on the wall. I did my first show at, what, 14?

We commemorate occasions on the walls. We ask each other things on the walls.

How can we tear them down now?

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