May 012015

I showed you a video I took of our basement in July when it was full of cr@p.


We cleared out, stored, recycled and put aside for giveaway almost everything in there. (I’m proud to say we generated only two garbage bags of actual landfill-destined garbage.) The entire floor and walls will be dug out in a few short weeks and we will be on our way to achieving our super-insulated basement with its 8′ ceiling.

With nothing in the way (except things of historical interest) you can see the concrete that was poured in 1923, the walls, the posts and our somewhat vain attempts at insulating and sealing a very leaky part of the house. Anywhere you see plastic (vapour barrier) and red tape (tuck tape) there is probably Roxul batt insulation behind it. I also went a little nuts with a caulking gun which accounts for the white lines on the walls.

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